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Independence day shopping touches Rs.10 billion in karachi – breaks previous record of last 69 years

Independence day shopping touches Rs.10 billion in karachi – breaks previous record of last 69 years

This year, sales of flags, buntings, badges and different products started in mid July, right around two weeks sooner when contrasted with August 1 a year ago.

The quantity of roadside stalls expanded by more than 50pc because of enhancing peace circumstance in Karachi.

Meanwhile, festive activities — including flag hoisting, firecrackers and musical shows and also light of government structures — are required to double this year.

“Our sales have officially gone up by more than 100pc this year and very much outperformed our objectives,” proprietor of VIP Flags, Sheik Nisar Ahmad Parchamwala.


“It appears individuals of Karachi are as a rule additional ardent than individuals from different parts of the nation,” he said.

“It’s fortunate is that many schools are also celebrating August 14 and holding capacities this year. Extra request this year originated from some religious organizations and mosques which are arranging flag hoisting ceremonies coupled with some other celebrations,” Mr Nisar said. He claimed there was thin demand for flags and other items from political parties.

Cost increment: The discount costs of different things have gone up by 5-10pc than a year ago, Mr Nisar said. He pointed the finger at retailers for charging more than 100pc costs from purchasers as August 14 nears.

A retailer at Gurumandir was seen selling 1.5 ft hail for Rs100. He said the same measured flag was estimated at Rs80 a year ago, refering to the 5-10pc climb in discount rates as the reason. One arrangement of bangles (2 inch estimate) can be acquired at Rs100 when contrasted with Rs80 a year ago.


The discount center at Hassan Ali Affandi Road close Paper Market wears a happy look. Costs of independence day related things are lower than roadside stalls in different ranges of the city.

Stalls are loaded with flags, T-shirts with trousers, bangles, badges, wrist bands, caps, face masks, glasses, balloons, glasses, CDs of national songs, etc.

The quantity of financial specialists in this business has expanded manifolds this year, with many lifting the stocks from discount showcases significantly prior this year — planning to make a godsend.

President All Karachi Tajir Itehad Atiq Mir assessed Rs10bn sales of different things in Karachi this year when contrasted with Rs5bn in 2015, while sales in Lahore are evaluated at Rs5bn when contrasted with Rs2.5-Rs3bn a year ago.

He said across the country offers of these things may float between Rs40-50bn when contrasted with Rs20-25bn a year ago.

Nonetheless, he said shockingly many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about that a sizable amount of bubbly things including Pakistani flags, badges and T-shirts have touched base from China because of lower rates by virtue of modest work cost and texture costs.

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